Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Locked Out

Last week Charlotte locked me out of the car!  It was totally an accident, but it made me panic slightly.  I was putting her in the car seat while she played with the keys and after I heard the locks go down, I grabbed the keys and tossed them in the front seat, not even thinking that the doors actually locked.  So I closed the door and boom...locked out!  Luckily the weather was nice and I had left my window open a crack, but not enough to reach my hand in.  Luckily the owner of Charlotte's daycare was standing outside and went inside to get me what was a book shelf, but is now a long wire.  I was able to reach in and hook the keys and pull them through the window...problem solved!  The best part was looking in through the window and seeing Charlotte laugh at me and play peek-a-boo as I stood outside laughing back.  What a little ham!

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