Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Locked Out

Last week Charlotte locked me out of the car!  It was totally an accident, but it made me panic slightly.  I was putting her in the car seat while she played with the keys and after I heard the locks go down, I grabbed the keys and tossed them in the front seat, not even thinking that the doors actually locked.  So I closed the door and boom...locked out!  Luckily the weather was nice and I had left my window open a crack, but not enough to reach my hand in.  Luckily the owner of Charlotte's daycare was standing outside and went inside to get me what was a book shelf, but is now a long wire.  I was able to reach in and hook the keys and pull them through the window...problem solved!  The best part was looking in through the window and seeing Charlotte laugh at me and play peek-a-boo as I stood outside laughing back.  What a little ham!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

When in Doubt, Check the Cat Door

So, we have a cat door built into our basement door, which is by far one of the best things we added to our house.  Lately it has also become Charlotte's favorite toy!  Forget all the toys and fun things she got for Christmas, just give her something small enough to fit through the door and we are good to go for hours!  Recent items we have found on the steps that were put through the cat door: sneakers, crocs (both mine, Adam's and Charlotte's), various baby dolls, balls, legos, blocks, and even Adam's car keys!  As frustrating as it can be to walk down the steps and pick up a thousand things along the way, seeing the joy on her face as she drops them down the steps makes me just sit and laugh as she does it.  By the way, she has also tried to fit herself through the cat door...don't worry...only one leg can fit through at a time!

This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just thought it was too cute to pass up :)
This week has been a pretty busy one.  We started with a trip to North Carolina last weekend to visit Adam's sister and family and we learned two major things while there:  1) Charlotte needs a separate play room where we can store all of her toys.  2) She also needs a sibling!  It was so fun watching the cousins play together, talk, and enjoy eating meals together.  Our trip reminded us of how much we miss family and need to visit more often!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ponds and Ducks

Charlotte has a new found love of ducks, so much so that she will quack at them while trying to get them to come closer. Yesterday while attempting to get some ducks to come closer, she was not happy that the ducks were not listening, so she decided to go after them instead! Did I mention that they were swimming in a pond? Luckily only the bottom of her sneaker went in before Adam saved her. Note to ducks: come when you are called! Pictures to follow :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

About Us

Adam and I live in Oxford with our beautiful soon-to-be two year old daughter Charlotte Gwynne.  We have lived in Oxford all our lives and aren't planning to leave anytime soon, although anyone not from Oxford may think we are nuts for that!  We love the small town life where our only traffic woes are passing horse and buggies without running over the poo, making sure you have at least 5 miles of gas in your car at all times because that's how close the gas station is, and enjoying the fresh smell of manure!   

Each day we are amazed at what our daughter teaches us, how she makes us laugh uncontrollably, and shows us that love is the most amazing feeling.  As I start on this blog adventure of updating you about our daily happenings, I hope that I can keep you entertained, give you some good ideas, or even give you a five minute break from work...either way, I hope you enjoy reading about our lives!

So here goes...my first story about our dinner adventure.  Dinner time in our house is usually a time of laughter.  Mostly Adam and I are trying to discipline our daughter without letting her see us laugh at what she is doing.  Tonight was no different.  Adam had to work late, so dinner was just the two of us.  As we sat down for a nice meal of stir fry chicken and vegetables, rice and bread (Charlotte's favorite), I quickly realized that I was going to loose this battle simply because I gave her half a plate of rice!  Half way through dinner, Charlotte decided that she no longer wanted to use her silverware or her fingers.  In fact, picking up her plate and eating right off of it like a dog would suffice for this meal!  As I tried, of course unsuccessfully, to get her to use her silverware, I couldn't help but laugh as I was reminded of A Christmas Story and  "show me how the piggies eat".  So I sucked it up and avoided a useless battle as we laughed together and she ate off of her plate.  I know, most are probably judging me for this, but as a parent of an almost two year old I have quickly learned to pick my battles...so this one goes to Charlotte...well played little one!


So, I'm turning 30 (or "29 again" as I like to think of it) in less than a month, so I figured why not start a blog...isn't that what all 30 year old's do???  I got the idea from a friend of mine who lives in Massachusetts and blogs about her daily life with her family.  I love reading her blog and each time I read it I get inspired to write one of my own for the simple reason that I forget most events that happen in my daily life and most are things that I would like to remember!  Since Charlotte is getting older and new things are happening each day, I thought it would be fun to start to document them so that someday she can read this and learn about all the crazy things she does!  This is also a way for family near and far to keep updated with our daily adventures. 

Here are a few things to remember: 1) Don't expect my grammar to be perfect 2) also ignore any misspellings 3) Enjoy!